Troubles With Cramp In Dogs

Muscle cramping is a painful condition often associated with overexercise of a particular muscle, though many other illnesses may cause cramping and/or spasms as a symptom.


The following symptoms listed below are good indicators that your dog has cramp:

  • Limping
  • Labored or generally slow movement
  • Yelping or whining upon moving


Whilst it can be hard to track down a particular cause for this condition, it is most commonly a result of overexercise of the affected muscle group. Other possible causes include vitamin deficiencies, dehydration or more serious conditions including liver disease. Because of the possibility that the cramping is being caused by a more serious condition, you should always go take your dog to the vet if symptoms persist.


If there is no obvious cause for the problem, the vet may check your dog for signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or other related diseases.


If your dog is suffering with a vitamin or mineral deficiency, your vet may advise you on some helpful supplements to give to your dog. Aside from that, certain drugs may be effective for treatment of dogs with cramp:

Do not ever give the above medicine to your dog without veterinary approval beforehand.

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