Advantage for dogs effective canine flea treatment

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Advantage (also sometimes referred to as Advantage I to differentiate from the alternative formulation, “Advantage II”) is a flea treatment for household pets which contains the active ingredient imidacloprid. The drug works by causing an over-stimulation of the Central Nervous System in insects, leading to their rapid death. Advantage begins working in as little as 5 minutes, and kills 98% of the flea population within 12 hours of application. Advantage is also waterproof unlike several other topical flea treatments on the market.

Advantage dosage for dogs

Advantage is sold in formulations made specially for different size dogs. You should pick the product which corresponds to the weight of your dog. Traditionally the packaging doesn’t state which size dogs it is effective for, but it does state the amount of product contained in each applicator. The table below should make everything clearer:

Weight of dog Correct product
11 – 20 lbs Advantage 100 (1.0 ml)
21 – 55 lbs Advantage 200 (2.5 ml)
Over 55 lbs Advantage 400 (4.0 ml)

Treat each applicator as a single dose. As an example, if your dog weighs 25 lbs you would buy Advantage 200, and apply one full tube, which contains 2.5 ml of product. To apply the product you should place the applicator tip through the hair of your dog to make contact with the skin in between the shoulder blades, and then steadily squeeze out the substance.

Do not administer this treatment without first speaking to your vet for specific dosage and application instructions.

Is Advantage safe for dogs?

Advantage is generally considered safe for dogs. Most problems occur when dogs ingest the substance orally by pawing at treated areas and licking. This is why it is important to apply the substance between the dog’s shoulder blades, so that he or she cannot reach it.

Safety precautions

  • Do not give to dogs under 7 weeks of age
  • Consider avoiding use on debilitated or aged dogs
  • Follow veterinary instructions for application very carefully to avoid your dog ingesting the substance
  • Do not use Advantage without first getting veterinary approval
  • Keep a pet-safe degreasing shampoo to hand in case you need to remove the product in an emergency

You should make sure you have a degreasing shampoo to hand prior to applying Advantage in case your dog develops serious adverse reactions to the substance. The reason being that Advantage is waterproof, so washing your dog with water alone will not effectively remove the product from his or her skin. Always speak to your vet before using Advantage, and follow his/her dosage guidelines strictly.

Uses of Advantage for dogs

Advantage is effective in the treatment of:

  • External parasites

Side effects of Advantage when given to dogs

Adverse reactions to properly applied Advantage are rare, though there have been reports of eye irritation and skin irritation. If your dog orally ingests Advantage your dog may experience sickness and lethargy as well as various other unforeseen reactions. If your dog appears to suffer any severe negative reactions to the substance seek emergency veterinary attention and wash the product off with special shampoo.

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