AeroDawg Inhaler For Dogs

Find out about AeroDawg for dogs, instructions for use, side effects, safety guidelines and more.

AeroDawg is an inhaler designed to help deliver medication to dogs suffering from breathing difficulties and respiratory disorders. The AeroDawg device comes with a special “Flow-Vu” indicator which shows you exactly how much medicine your dog has received, allowing you to administer the same amount every time with ease.

How to use AeroDawg

AeroDawg may be bought with a smaller or larger facemask depending on the size of your dog. To use the device, you will need to place the actual inhaler (containing the medication) into the designated spot at the back of the AeroDawg chamber. You should then place the facemask portion of the device over your pet’s nose and mouth. At this point when your dog is calm, you should compress the inhaler and release the medicine. After each puff of the inhaler, wait for your dog to take between 5 and 6 full breaths before administering the next puff.

You should always administer these “puffs” one at a time, waiting for a full 5 to 6 breaths before administering the second (if multiple are required). Never release more than one puff into the container at a time.

Is AeroDawg safe for dogs?

AeroDawg is completely safe for dogs as it is just a device used to administer medicine. AeroDawg has many safety features including the “Flow-Vu” indicator. Using inhalers to administer respiratory medication to your dog is considered much safer than using injectables.

Safety precautions

  • Speak to the vet before administering inhalable medication to your pet
  • Follow specific dosage information outlined by your vet (typically you will be given a number of “puffs” to administer per dose)
  • Do not release more than one puff at a time into the AeroDawg chamber
  • Follow the specific product instructions for correct cleaning and maintenance
  • Make sure you follow and understand the instructions for proper use of the AeroDawg chamber device

It’s important to speak to your vet before using the AeroDawg chamber. He or she will be able to offer guidance on how to correctly use the device, advise you on the dosage of medicine to give to your dog and provide other safety information specific to your pet. If inhalers are not suitable for your dog with respiratory problems, the vet may opt to use injectable medication.

Uses of AeroDawg for dogs

AeroDawg is a device used to administer inhalable forms of medication, and is often employed during treatment of:

  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Laryngeal paralysis

Side effects of AeroDawg use in dogs

The side effects completely depend on the medicine you are administering with the AeroDawg device. Read up on the possible side effects of whichever medication you are giving to your dog so you know what to expect.

If your pet suffers any severe side effects after inhaling medication, seek emergency veterinary care.

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