Albon For Dogs Antibiotic Medication

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This article contains information about the use of Albon for dogs, including the dosage, guidelines for safe use, side effects and more.

Albon, which contains the active ingredient “sulfadimethoxine”, is an antibiotic type drug prescribed for use in household pets such as cats and dogs. Aside from its use as an antibiotic, it is also effective in the treatment of coccidia (a type of parasite).

Albon dosage for dogs

Albon is typically prescribed to dogs at 25 mg/lb to be administered once daily (24 hour intervals). Albon is custard flavored which should make it easy to administer to your pet. Because Albon is sold as a liquid suspension, it’s important to take note of the concentration when working out the amount to give. Usually, the concentration is 250 mg per tablespoon.

Is Albon safe for dogs?

Albon is FDA approved for use in many household pets including dogs. It is prescription only, which means you will need to take your pet for a veterinary visit prior to use.

Safety precautions

  • Don’t use Albon for treating viral infections
  • Provide your dog with plenty of water during treatment
  • Notify the vet if your dog suffers from kidney or liver disease
  • Notify the vet if your dog suffers from kidney or bladder stones
  • Notify the vet if your dog is pregnant or if she is lactating
  • Do not mix with other medication, vitamins or supplements without veterinary approval

Because Albon is an antibiotic, it is not effective in the treatment of viruses. Aside from the above listed precautions, you should also take care and notify the vet if your dog is pregnant or lactating. Because Albon can affect the kidneys, dogs with kidney disease may not be suitable for treatment with this drug. Dogs with known allergies to the substance should not be given this medicine.

Uses of Albon for dogs

Albon is an antibiotic type medicine which is effective in the treatment of:

  • Bacterial infection
  • Coccidia

Side effects of Albon when given to dogs

Possible side effects of Albon includes fever, gastric upset (diarrhea and vomiting), anemia, dry eyes, inflammation of joints, rashes and problems with the kidneys. If these symptoms, or any other unforeseen side effects occur, seek veterinary attention.

Albon may cause crystals to form in your pet’s urine, and as such, it is important to keep him/her well hydrated through treatment.

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