Treat Your Dog With Animax For Dogs

Read this article for information about Animax for dogs. Find out the correct dosage, and how to safely use the substance as well as other key details.

Animax, a corticosteroid-based ointment which combines several active ingredients including triamcinolone, is able to effectively treat several canine skin conditions including eczema. It also contains antifungal and antibacterial elements making it very diverse in its possible uses. Animax is a prescription-only medicine and must not be used without veterinary approval.

Animax dosage for dogs

To use Animax, you should apply a small amount topically to the area you wish to treat so that it creates a thin layer. Frequency of use varies depending on the severity of your dog’s symptoms. For minor conditions, you may only be required to use Animax once a day or even once a week, whereas for more serious problems your vet may advise you to apply the cream up to three times a day (8 hour intervals). For treating problems relating to the ears, you will usually need to apply between 3 to 5 drops of the ointment into your dog’s ear.

Before applying the cream, you should thoroughly clean the area.

Is Animax safe for dogs?

Animax is safe for canine use so long as you seek appropriate veterinary advice prior to use. There are some safety precautions and side effects you should be aware of, read on for more.

Safety precautions

  • Seek veterinary approval prior to Animax use
  • Discontinue use if your pet loses hearing or displays other severe side effects
  • Seek alternative remedies for burns and deep wounds
  • Avoid using on pets with known allergies to any Animax ingredient
  • Ensure your pet does not ingest the substance by licking the area
  • Notify the vet of any other medication your pet is taking
  • Notify the vet of any of your pet’s medical conditions

Some pets may have a sensitivity to Animax ointment. For this reason, you should monitor your pet closely after using it for the first time. Look out for signs such as swelling, redness and irritation which may signal a bad reaction to neomycin.

Uses of Animax for dogs

Animax is a versatile topical medication which may treat:

  • Skin infections
  • Ear infections
  • Cysts and infected glands

Side effects of Animax use in dogs

Several possible side effects are associated with the use of Animax ointment including vomiting/diarrhea, excessive thirst, excessive urination, hearing loss (when used to treat the ears) and in cases of prolonged or repeated use, Cushing’s syndrome.

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