Anxitane for dogs to aid stress

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Learn about the uses and effects of L-Theanine (Anxitane) for dogs, including the recommended dosage, safety guidelines and side effects.

Anxitane is a natural calming product which can be used to help anxious or stressed pets. The active ingredient of Anxitane, L-Theanine, is a natural substance best known for being the substance that gives green tea its calming properties. L-Theanine works by increasing GABA levels, which in turn helps to regulate brain activity. Aside from this, there are many other benefits of L-Theanine, including increased dopamine levels, which causes the feelings of well-being most often attributed to green tea.

Anxitane dosage for dogs

Anxitane is sold in different formulations for different size dogs which makes for easy dosing, aside from this the chewable tablets are palatable to dogs, so it should be very easy getting your dog to ingest the medicine. See the table below for details:

Weight of dog Anxitane S Anxitane M & L
Under 4.5 lbs ½
4.5 – 11.4 lbs ½
Over 11.4 lbs 1

The above table shows the correct product to buy for your dog and the recommended amount to give per dose. You should administer the recommended dosage above twice a day at 12 hour intervals.

Is Anxitane safe for dogs?

Anxitane is one of the safest substances you can give to your dog, however, there are still a few things to keep in mind when using Anxitane. If your dog only needs short-term relief from anxiety and stress then this medicine is often a good option. You should consult your vet before giving the medicine to your dog to ensure it is suitable.

Safety precautions

  • Consider avoiding use in pregnant/lactating pups
  • Avoid giving alongside medicine for high blood pressure
  • Avoid giving alongside stimulants
  • Consider using a pharmaceutical medication if your dog is suffering from severe/chronic anxiety

Anxitane is best used short-term to help your dog cope with difficult situations. If your dog suffers from severe anxiety, or symptoms which are persistent and not related to a one-off event, then you may consider a pharmaceutical medicine. Benzodiazepines such as Xanax for dogs isn’t quite as safe as Anxitane but is still very safe when used responsibly with veterinary approval, and when you taper off the dosage slowly. Tapering is something your vet will be able to guide you through, so again, the medicine is still very safe. Note that effects of long-term L-Theanine use has not yet been thoroughly researched.

Uses of Anxitane for dogs

Anxitane helps to relieve your pet of symptoms such as:

Anxitane is best used on a short-term basis for treating mild symptoms. Because there is not yet enough research on sustained long-term use of L-Theanine it is best to avoid using the medicine too often.

Side effects of Anxitane when given to dogs

There are few known side effects associated with L-Theanine. Some possible, yet rare side effects, includes headaches and gastrointestinal upset.

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