Calming Collar For Dogs Natural Anxiety Relief

Learn about the calming collar for dogs, how to use it, side effects and more.

The Calming Collar is a special type of collar for dogs which releases pheremones (a type of scent signal) to help control fear and anxiety in dogs. The pheremones released mimic those of a mother dog when she is reassuring her pups. The physical smell is a mixture of lavender and chamomile, which is rather pleasant.

How to use the calming collar for dogs with anxiety

To use the calming collar, simply place it around your dog’s neck in the same way you would fit a regular collar. Be sure not to fit it too tight, as this may be very uncomfortable for your dog. Effects of one collar typically last for around 30 days during which time the scented powder will gradually be released.

Is the Calming Collar safe for dogs?

The Calming Collar is entirely safe, and simply releases scent. The Calming Collar provides a good alternative to diffusers, as the collar follows your dog wherever they go as opposed to remaining confined to a single area.

Safety precautions

  • Be sure not to fit the collar too tight on your pet’s neck
  • Speak to the vet if anxiety symptoms persist for advice on how to proceed
  • Store in an airtight plastic container when not in use to maintain effects
  • Avoid using on dogs with skin lesions
  • Remove the collar when washing your dog otherwise effects may diminish
  • Consider conventional medicine such as Xanax to control severe anxiety

If anxiety symptoms are severe, or persist despite using the collar, you may wish to visit the vet for further advice. You may discuss the possibility of using more conventional medicine (such as Xanax). However, be aware that when using actual medication, there are risks of side effects and the use of products such as the Calming Collar to control anxiety symptoms is preferable.

Uses of Calming Collar for dogs

Calming Collar is a product which releases scent signals to help control:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear

Side effects of using the Calming Collar on dogs

The Calming Collar does not release actual medication, so adverse side effects are rare.

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