Cestex For Dogs: Treat Tapeworms

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Learn about the tapeworm treatment Cestex for dogs, details about the dosage, side effects and important safety precautions are provided.

Cestex, which has the active ingredient epsiprantel, is a medication for dogs effective in the treatment of tapeworm. The drug works by paralyzing the parasite which in turn causes it to fall from your dog’s intestinal wall, where it is promptly digested. A huge plus of Cestex is the fact that there is no remains of the tapeworm in excrement, as well as a distinct lack of expected side effects which is unusual amongst anti-parasite drugs.

Cestex dosage for dogs

Cestex need only be given one time to remove the infection. Dogs are usually given a dosage of 2.55 mg/lb body weight. As it is a prescription drug, it’s important that you see your vet prior to use.

Is Cestex safe for dogs?

Cestex is a safe drug when used correctly, is FDA-approved for use in dogs, and has very few side effects when compared to other popular dewormers.

Safety precautions:

  • Get a prescription and veterinary dosage advice before use
  • Do not use Cestex to treat other parasites as it will not be effective
  • Do not give to dogs under 8 weeks of age
  • Practice good hygiene during treatment

Though there is no sign of the parasite in excrement, it’s recommended that you practice good hygiene and clean up any stools to prevent a re-infection occuring. Bleach is recommended for use to decontaminate areas where your dog has relieved him/herself. Cestex is not used to treat other types of parasite, it is reserved for the treatment of tapeworm infections.

Uses of Cestex for dogs

Cestex is a dewormer used to treat:

  • Parasite infections*

*As mentioned earlier, it is only effective for treating tapeworm and in cases of infection by other types of parasite, other dewormer solutions should be used.

Side effects when giving Zeel to your dog

Side effects of Zeel use in dogs are highly unexpected. If your pet becomes ill during treatment contact a vet to prevent symptoms from progressing.

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