Composure for dogs for effective anxiety relief

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Learn about the usage of Composure for dogs including recommended dosages, safety guidelines, side effects and more.

Composure for dogs is a calming formulation with similarities to Anxitane for dogs. Just like Anxitane, Composure contains the active ingredient L-Theanine, however it also includes a couple of others on top of Theanine to increase effectiveness, these additional ingredients include vitamin B1 (also known as “Thiamine”) and C3 (Colostrum Calming Complex). L-Theanine is the substance in Green Tea responsible for producing its famed feelings of calm and wellbeing and seems to have the same effect on our canine counterparts.

Composure dosage for dogs

The dosage of Composure is based on which of the following weight classes your dog falls into:

  • 26 – 50 lbs: 1 Chew per day
  • 51 – 100 lbs: 2 Chews per day
  • 101 lbs +: 3 Chews per day

As an example, if your dog weighs 60 lbs you would administer 2 chews per day (every 24 hours). If relief is not sufficient, it may be safe to double the dosage but you should call your vet first for approval before doing so.

Is Composure safe for dogs?

Because Composure is made up of natural substances it is often considered incredibly safe. However, it is best to avoid sustained use as there is not yet enough evidence about the safety of L-Theanine for dogs receiving it over longer periods of time. Instead, you should use this treatment for short-term anxiety relief. You should speak to your vet before using this treatment to make sure it is right for your pet.

Safety precautions

  • Consider avoiding use in pregnant or lactating pups
  • Do not administer Composure alongside blood pressure medication
  • Do not administer Composure alongside stimulant substances/medicines
  • If relief is not adequate return to the vet for further advice as you may need to switch to a pharmaceutical medicine

Composure is an effective treatment for short-term anxiety relief and often preferable to medicine such as fluoxetine (Prozac) for dogs for treating mild symptoms. However, for cases of particularly intense anxiety/stress you may need to use pharmaceutical medicine for your dog to feel adequate relief. Note that if your dog suffers from a liver condition one of the active ingredients (Thiamine) may not enter the body correctly meaning that in such cases your dog may not experience the full effects of the medication. You should talk to your vet before using Composure.

Uses of Composure for dogs

Composure is a treatment for relief of:

If Composure does not provide adequate relief you may wish to speak to your vet about trying Prozac for dogs.

Side effects of Composure when given to dogs

There are no expected side effects of using Composure for dogs, though in extremely rare circumstances your dog may experience headaches and diarrhea/vomiting. If your dog experiences adverse sides you should stop administering the treatment and seek veterinary advice.

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