Droncit For Dogs: Effective Wormer

Learn all about Droncit for dogs, the dosage for dogs, safety guidelines, side effects and more.

Droncit is a praziquantel-based medicine used for the treatment of tapeworms in household pets such as cats and dogs. The drug acts on parasites by effectively causing them to disintegrate, at which point they can be removed by the pet’s body. Droncit is a prescription-only medicine which means you will need to visit your vet before you can use it. You should be aware that your dog may be held in the clinic.

Droncit dosage for dogs

The correct dose of Droncit to give to your dog depends on his/her age and weight. Please refer to the below table:

Weight of dog Tablets To Administer
< 6 lbs ½
6 – 10 lbs 1
11 – 15 lbs 1 and ½
16 – 30 lbs 2
31 – 45 lbs 3
46 – 60 lbs 4
> 60 lbs 5 at the most

The above table refers to Droncit in the form of 34 mg tablets. You should not give Droncit to dogs under 4 weeks of age and you should never administer this medicine without veterinary approval to do so.

Is Droncit safe for dogs?

Droncit is often a safe medication for use in dogs, especially when administered with your vet’s approval to do so and a specific dosage recommendation. Dogs have been administered up to 5 times the recommended dose without signs of toxicity becoming apparent. See below for safety guidelines.

Safety precautions

  • Always get a prescription from your vet before using Droncit
  • Stick to hygiene guidelines outlined by your vet during treatment as tapeworm may be contracted by humans
  • Stick to hygiene guidelines to avoid your pet becoming re-infected with the parasite
  • Notify the vet of any existing medical conditions your pet suffers from
  • Avoid administering alongside other praziquantel-containing products

In trials, Droncit was shown to be safe for use in pregnant/lactating dogs. It has also been administered at unusually high dosages without toxic reactions becoming apparent. However, if your dog does accidentally ingest too much Droncit, you should seek emergency veterinary advice. Because tapeworm may infect humans or re-infect your dog, it is important to follow strict hygiene guidelines outlined by the vet.

Uses of Droncit for dogs

Droncit, a praziquantel-based wormer is used for the treatment of:

  • Tapeworms

Side effects of Droncit when administered to dogs

Serious side effects of Droncit are not common, but pets may display gastric upset (vomiting and diarrhea), fatigue and anorexia.

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