Treat Kidney Disease With Epakitin For Dogs

Read on to learn about the use of Epakitin for dogs (chiteron), the dosage, side effects and safety information are all included below.

Epakitin is a supplement sometimes given to dogs. It contains the substance “chiteron”, which is derived from the shells of crabs and shrimp. Epakitin is greatly helpful to pets suffering from chronic kidney disease, as it is able to slow down the progression and damage caused by the condition by inhibiting intestinal absorption of phosphorous extending life expectancy noticeably. It is also helpful in the treatment of uremia.

Epakitin dosage for dogs

A commonly recommended doggy dosage is 1 gram for every 5 kg your pet weighs. This works out to roughly 1 gram for every 11 lbs your pet weighs. Most tubs of this supplement will supply you with a measuring spoon where one full scoop is equal to 1 gram of Epakitin. Treatment may be prolonged throughout the duration of your dog’s life.

Repeat dosing twice a day by sprinkling the supplement onto your pet’s meals.

Is Epakitin safe for dogs?

Epakitin is a natural supplement and is safe for use in dogs with no expected side effects. Tell the vet prior to use if you decide to begin supplementing your dog with Epakitin.

Safety precautions

  • Let the vet know if you are thinking of beginning supplementation with Epakitin
  • You should also use medication such as Azodyl if your pet is suffering with serious or advanced-stage kidney failure
  • Monitor your pet’s kidney function closely to determine the benefits of this supplement
  • Provide plenty of water for your dog throughout treatment
  • Sprinkle the supplement onto your pet’s food and administer twice daily

For dogs with advanced or very severe kidney disease, Epakitin by itself may not help adequately. In these cases, your vet will typically have you begin administering a medicine such as Azodyl for dogs. Some pets may experience allergy symptoms as a result of Epakitin but these reactions are usually mild (for example, running nose). It’s important that you provide plenty of water for any dog being given this substance.

Uses of Epakitin for dogs

Epakitin is a popular supplement used to aid:

  • Kidney disease
  • Uremia

Often, owners will continue giving this supplement to their pet for the duration of his or her life due to its great benefits.

Side effects of Epakitin use in dogs

No side effects are expected, but allergy symptoms may occur. Contact your vet if your dog encounters any issues.

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