Frontline For Dogs With Fleas And Ticks

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This page discusses the use of Frontline Plus in dogs, covering the dosage, side effects, safety information and more.

Frontline Plus is a popular medicine used in dogs to treat fleas and ticks. The active ingredients fipronil and (S)-methoprene destroy both eggs and larvae as well as living adult fleas and ticks. If you are looking to purchase this medicine, you can get official DoseMyPet-approved Frontline Plus by clicking this link. If you are simply looking for information about the medicine continue reading below.

Frontline dosage for dogs

Frontline comes in ready-measured applications. The box will show what size dogs that particular formulation is suitable and effective for. To apply, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the applicator on the sachet of Frontline Plus
  • Part your dog’s hair just between the shoulderblades to expose the skin
  • Squeeze the entire contents of the sachet onto the exposed skin into just that one spot

Typically treatment is applied once every 30 days. Don’t touch the treated area until it is completely dry.

Is Frontline safe for dogs

Frontline is safe for dogs when you have the approval of a vet, use the formulation suitable for the weight of your dog and follow the safety guidelines of use.

Safety precautions

  • Do not use on dogs under 8 weeks of age
  • Do not store near heat or flame as the product is combustible
  • Make sure you apply to the suggested area
  • Keep using every 30 days until all ticks/fleas are dead
  • Practice caution when using in dogs with liver and kidney damage

You should seek the advice of a professional vet when treating your dog for fleas and ticks. Firstly to identify the problem professionally and secondly to ensure the product is safe for use in your dog. Remember to tell your vet about all medical conditions your dog suffers with, as well as all other medication they are being administered. The active ingredient fipronil has been linked with nervous system damage in dogs which may manifest as convulsions and twitching. Wash your hands thoroughly after application of this substance.

Uses of Frontline for dogs

Frontline Plus is used for treating dogs suffering from:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks

Side effects of using Frontline on your dog

There may possibly be irritation at the site of application. Applying between the shoulder blades ensures that your dog can’t lick or scratch the area. Other side effects noted by some users includes lethargy and lack of appetite. Be aware, fipronil (one of the active ingredients) has been linked to infertility, nervous system damage, kidney/liver damage and thyroid cancer. Seek veterinary attention in the case of side effects to ensure that everything is in order.

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