Gentamicin Sulfate For Dogs: Eye Drops

Learn about the dosage and use of gentamicin sulfate for dogs, as well as important safety guidelines, side effects and more.

Gentamicin sulfate is an antibiotic eye drop medication used to treat bacterial infections of the eye. Gentamicin is also used in other well-known medicines on the market including mometamax, so you should take extra care if your dog has suffered bad reactions in the past to such substances. Gentamicin sulfate requires a veterinary prescription before use.

Gentamicin sulfate dosage for dogs

Gentamicin sulfate is most often sold at a 0.3% concentration, with every ml contains around 3 mg or gentamicin sulfate in total. The dosage can vary wildly, though you will usually not be asked to exceed 2 drops to the infected area per dose. Your vet will be able to give you specific details on how often to administer the solution.

Is gentamicin sulfate safe for dogs?

The substance is safe, but incorrect use could lead to problems including further infection.

Safety precautions:

  • Don’t use gentamicin sulfate without a prescription
  • Do not touch the dropper section of the container onto any surface including the eye or skin
  • Complete the full course of treatment

Because the dropper portion of the container is sterile, the chances of infection as a result of using the drops is avoided. However, if you accidentally touch the dropper onto a surface including the eye area or skin, it will no longer be sterile and therefore there is a heightened risk of infection.

Uses of gentamicin sulfate for dogs

Gentamicin sulfate is a solution for:

  • Bacterial infection

In this case, we are discussing bacterial infections of the eye, though the substance itself has been used successfully in products such as mometamax for other purposes.

Side effects when giving gentamicin sulfate to your dog

Side effects include irritation of the eye and blurred vision. There is also a risk for infection if the dropper portion becomes contaminated by coming into direct contact with a surface.

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