Deworm Your Dog With Panacur

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This article relates to the treatment of your dog with the medication Panacur. Panacur is a popular brand name of the drug fenbendazole. Given here is dosage information, as well as information regarding side effects and safety.

Worms can be a real nightmare, and unfortunately animals tend to contract them much easier than humans. Fenbendazole is a common deworming drug used to treat both humans and various household pets. If you are reading this page, you have probably already had a diagnosis from a vet and bought the medication, but in case you are still on the fence, realize that different drugs kill different parasites, so the best idea is to have a vet check out the infestation so you can choose the best drug for the job. Panacur’s active ingredient fenbendazole is commonly used against hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms and roundworms, however it is also approved for treatment of lung flukes, lungworms and Giardia. Your veterinarian will be able to guide you best, but Panacur C is specially made for canines and is a good choice.

Panacur dosage for dogs

When it comes to Panacur C, you should administer 1 gram sachet for every 10 pounds your dog weights. You should give your dog this dosage once a day for three days. After your dog has finished the three day treatment, the worms should be dead. There will be dosage instructions included on the packaging of all Panacur products.

Is Panacur safe for dogs

This product is absolutely safe for dogs and will help you fight off tricky worm infestations or several other parasites. Side effects are quite rare on this drug, however you should be aware of certain risks.

Safety precautions

  • Take necessary precautions to ensure you do not become infested yourself
  • Take steps to avoid your dog becoming re-infested
  • Read the packaging carefully
  • Give your dog the full course of medication

Because there is a danger of you becoming infested, you should seek advice from a trained vet before using this drug. They will be able to guide you in protecting yourself, and also protecting your dog from a re-infestation of the same parasite. It’s also possible that your dog will suffer a bad reaction to either the medication, or to the dying parasites.

If your dog suddenly takes a bad turn, or you notice tell-tale signs such as swelling, rashes, labored breathing and even possibly seizures, seek veterinary attention urgently to avoid worsening of these dangerous symptoms.

Uses of Panacur for dogs

Panacur is commonly used to treat:

  • Parasite infections

Side effects when giving Panacur to your dog

Whilst rare, your dog may vomit, and, as mentioned earlier may suffer allergic reactions to either the drug or the dying parasites which you need to be aware of. If your dog appears to become ill during treatment you should contact the vet as soon as possible, especially if your dog begins displaying allergy symptoms like a shortness of breath, swelling and rashes (amongst other signs).

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