Quercetin For Dogs With Allergies

This article documents information about Quercetin and guidelines for its usage in dogs. You will also find information about side effects and safety regulations.

Quercetin is a natural anti-allergen which can be thought of as something along the lines of Benadryl. The substance is a plant pigment found in various foliage and foods such as dill and watercress. Some pet owners prefer to use natural remedies such as quercetin instead of traditional medicine.

Quercetin dosage for dogs

You may opt to begin feeding your dog quercetin containing foods, he or she should begin to feel the benefits within a short while. Remember, certain quercetin-containing foods like red onions may be toxic to dogs and you should avoid them.

Alternatively, quercetin is available in pill form as a supplement. To work out the correct dosage, you should multiply the weight of your dog (in pounds) by 8. For example, a dog weighing 40 pounds should be given 320 mg of quercetin. This should be given to your dog once every 24 hours. You may choose to split the dosage into two, applied each 12 hours.

Is quercetin safe for dogs?

Quercetin is a natural supplement which is certainly safe for use in dogs when given in the right dosage. As always, you need to gain the approval of your vet prior to usage of this supplement.

Safety precautions

  • Do not overdose your pet on this supplement
  • If you are already feeding your pet quercetin-containing foods, do not give them the supplement, or they may receive too much
  • Avoid mixing the drug with antibiotics or cyclosporin, there are also several other drugs which may interact with quercetin
  • Avoid use in pregnant dogs
  • Notify the vet if your dog suffers with kidney disease

Quercetin is mostly safe for usage, though there may be minor side effects. Not much is known about the use of quercetin in higher doses or the use of this drug in pregnant/nursing dogs, and so it’s best to remain cautious and avoid using it in such circumstances if you are planning on giving your dog a large amount of quercetin. Be aware that major overdosing or consistent overdosing of this substance may eventually lead to kidney damage.

Uses of quercetin for dogs

Quercetin is a supplement which may be used in dogs to combat:

  • Allergies

Side effects of giving quercetin to your dog

Side effects of quercetin are usually mild if they present themselves at all. These sides include headaches and a tingling sensation in the body. At an extreme dosage, your dog may suffer kidney damage. Always seek professional guidance in any case of overdosing.

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