Rescue Remedy for fearful dogs

The following article details the use of Rescue Remedy for dogs, including the dosage, safety precautions and side effects.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a commonly used natural treatment for anxiety and stress in dogs. Whilst Bach supply many different natural remedies for different things, the best known “Rescue Remedy” combines 5 different active herbs: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose. Altogether these ingredients aim to reduce all forms of anxiety and stress ranging from impatience to panic. For animals suffering from more severe forms of anxiety and panic you may wish to try stronger medicine to alleviate your pet’s symptoms.

Rescue Remedy dosage for dogs

Rescue Remedy often comes in a vial with a dropper for easy administration. Simply put two drops into your pet’s drinking supply and wait for the effects to kick in. You may also choose to drop the solution onto their food or rub the remedy into your dog’s paws/ears.

Is Rescue Remedy safe for dogs?

Rescue Remedy is as safe as it gets, there should be absolutely no side effects when using this substance. However, you should watch out for signs of allergy such as difficulty breathing. If any side effects do occur though chances of this are slim to none, you should seek veterinary care for your pet.

Safety precautions

  • Find which Bach remedy is most suitable for your pet
  • Consider whether your pet needs something stronger to control his or her anxiety
  • Consider taking your dog to the vet in case the symptoms you wish to alleviate have a more serious underlying cause

Bach have many different solutions aside from Rescue Remedy, try to figure out which is most suitable for your pet. As an example, the Crab Apple essence should cause your dog to feel more relaxed and more at ease with himself/herself. You should also consider whether your pet’s symptoms are severe and require something stronger, such as prozac for dogs.

Side effects whilst using Rescue Remedy are not expected, though you should still monitor your pet for adverse reactions as a matter of good practice. If any negative sides occur you should stop administering the substance and contact your vet for instructions on how to proceed.

Uses of Rescue Remedy for dogs

Rescue Remedy is a natural solution for treating:

Side effects of giving Rescue Remedy to dogs

There are no known side effects of Rescue Remedy when given to dogs. You should be aware of allergy symptoms such as difficulty breathing, rashes and hives. If allergy symptoms arise you should stop giving the substance to your dog and seek veterinary attention.

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General information about Rescue Remedy

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