Revolution for dogs suffering with parasites

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The following information provides details on the usage of Revolution for dogs, including safe dosages, side effects, safety guidelines and more.

Revolution is a once-a-month topical preventative which protects dogs from common parasites such as heartworm, fleas, ticks, ear mites and mange. The active ingredient selamectin absorbs into your pet’s bloodstream which fights heartworm, before absorbing back into the skin, effectively killing fleas, ticks and ear mites. Parasites ingest the substance when they feed on the dog’s blood. Unlike most other anti-parisite medicines, Revolution is safe for use on pregnant or lactating dogs.

Revolution dosage for dogs

Revolution comes in a variety of different weight specific formulations with a special puppy formulation for young dogs over 6 weeks of age. You should buy the product which is relevant to your dog, for example, if your dog is 25 lbs you should buy the 20.1-40 lbs formulation. Typically sold in multi-packs, each tube is one dose, and should be applied monthly.

Is Revolution safe for dogs?

Revolution is safe for use in dogs when used under veterinary guidance and approval. Side effects are extremely uncommon though certain brands (for example Collies) are more susceptible to adverse reactions in cases of overdose. If you stick to the recommended dose and have approval from the vet it is extremely unlikely that your dog will suffer any side effects. You should not use Revolution if your dog is already taking another heartworm preventative medication.

Safety precautions

  • If your dog is a herding dog closely monitor him/her after administering Revolution
  • Never administer Revolution to puppies who are less than six weeks old
  • Follow hygiene guidelines suggested by your vet to avoid re-infection
  • Do not apply if your dog is wet or ill

When using Revolution to control parasites it is important to follow all hygiene recommendations laid out by your vet to ensure you don’t become infected yourself, and to ensure your dog does not become re-infected. If your dog is a herding breed you should be especially vigilant for 24 hours following administration of the treatment. If your dog begins displaying symptoms such as weakness, pupil dilation, miscoordination, trembling, drooling or any odd behavior you should contact the vet immediately. You should avoid administering Revolution to your dog if he/she is already taking a heartworm preventative medication such as Heartgard.

Uses of Revolution for dogs

Revolution is an anti-parisite treatment for controlling:

  • Parasite infections
  • Fleas, mites and ticks

The treatment should be applied on a once-a-month basis.

Side effects when giving your dog Revolution

Side effects of Revolution are rare especially in non-herding breeds, however, your pet may experience loss of appetite, drooling, muscle tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, increased heart rate and a loss of coat around the area the treatment was applied. If your dog displays any serious side effects stop using Revolution and seek veterinary attention.

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