Anxiety treatment with valerian root for dogs

Learn about the dosage of Valerian root for dogs, and information about the side effects, safety precautions and more.

Valerian root is a herb often used as an anxiety treatment for dogs. Many owners choose to use natural remedies such as valerian instead of resorting to medicine such as diazepam for dogs. Using a natural treatment to combat canine symptoms is often considered much safer. Read on for information that you should know before giving this herb to your pet.

Valerian root dosage for dogs

Owners tend to just sprinkle a bit of the herb onto their pet’s food. However, there is a recommended dosage for dogs, but it mostly depends on the valerian formulation you are using.


Small dogs: ¼ of the adult dose
Medium dogs: ½ of the adult dose
Large dogs: 1 full adult dose

Because valerian tinctures may have different concentrations of the active ingredient, the actual dosage may vary. Administer once a day by putting the mixture onto your dog’s food.

Powdered form

In the powdered form, administer 4 mg/lb body weight once a day by sprinkling onto your pet’s food.

Is valerian root safe for dogs?

Valerian root is widely considered safe for use in dogs. However, it may cause stomach upset and low blood pressure, mainly in larger dogs.

Safety precautions

  • Speak to the vet before you begin giving valerian root to your dog
  • Consider avoiding use in dogs who suffer with low blood pressure
  • Practice extra caution when giving valerian to large dogs
  • Avoid administering too much valerian root
  • Consider medicinal alternatives in serious cases, or when your dog suffers from a chronic anxiety disorder

As mentioned earlier, when given to large dogs, there is a greater risk of stomach upset and low blood pressure. It is always best to consult the vet before giving remedies such as valerian root to your pet. In severe cases of anxiety, or where anxiety is a constant issue, you may wish to try a medicinal option such as Xanax for dogs. Avoid administering overdose amounts of valerian. Though valerian is herbal, it can still cause problems at unusually high dosages.

Uses of valerian root for dogs

Valerian root is a herbal remedy for treating:

  • Anxiety

Side effects of valerian root use in dogs

Use of valerian root does not usually result in side effects, however, your pet may suffer low blood pressure and stomach upset. If your dog experiences any particularly troublesome sides contact your vet immediately.

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