Virbantel for dogs in the treatment of parasite infections

The following article has been written to provide you with accurate information for the use of Virbantel for dogs. You will find dosage, safety recommendations and more.

Worms are a nightmare in pets, and may be very harmful if left untreated, which is why it’s imperative that you seek veterinary care for any dog you suspect of having contracted worms. There are many different drugs which can be used for killing parasites, some fast acting, whilst some are slower acting to make the process safer for your dog. Virbantel, produced by Virbac Animal Health, is a medicine specially made for dogs which comes in flavored chewable treats for easy administration. Virbantel is useful for treating several types of worm, namely roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm.

Virbantel dosage for dogs

Follow the instructions on the packaging. Virbantel currently manufactures both 30 mg tablets, and 114 mg tablets (roughly equal to four smaller tablets), the quantity you administer will depend on the weight of your dog. Please see the chart below for information on the correct dosage of this drug:

Weight of dog 30 mg pills 114 mg pills
6 – 11 lbs 1
12 – 24 lbs 2
25 – 49 lbs 1
50 – 99 lbs 2
100 – 149 lbs 3
150 lbs + 4

You should continue using the drug for the full duration of the course to kill off the parasites.

Is Virbantel safe for dogs?

Virbantel has been made with dogs in mind, and is certainly safe for use in dogs. Your dog is unlikely to suffer side effects as a result of the drug, but it’s possible that he or she will suffer a bad reaction to the dead worms.

Safety precautions:

  • Visit a vet if you believe your dog may be suffering from worms
  • Ensure the parasitic infection is tapeworm, roundworm or hookworm, as Virbantel is ineffective on other types of parasite
  • Do not use for longer than the full course
  • Use exactly as directed by your vet
  • Monitor your dog very closely during treatment

The main concern when using any kind of dewormer is not typically the drug itself, but the dead worms. Your dog’s body must fight to dissolve the dead parasites, and some dogs have been known to suffer negative reactions as a result. You should be aware that these problems may occur some time after the full course of medication is complete and not necessarily during treatment. If your dog appears to take a bad turn seek veterinary attention immediately. Never use Virbantel without veterinary approval.

Uses of Virbantel for dogs

Virbantel is a dewormer which is useful in the treatment of several parasitic infections, those being:

  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Tapeworm

Side effects of giving your dog Virbantel

Side effects are uncommon and sparse, however, your dog may develop diarrhea as a result of using this drug. Remember to keep your dog well hydrated in such cases. If any negative sides do develop, it will likely be a bad reaction result to the dead/dying parasites, in such cases you should seek immediate veterinary care.

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