Zeel for dogs: Homeopathic arthritis remedy

This article explains the use and dosage of Zeel for dogs, as well as important safety guidelines and side effects.

Zeel is a homeopathic remedy for conditions such as arthritis, and is sometimes given to dogs. Like other homeopathic medicine, no side effects are expected and it may be obtained over-the-counter. Even so, you should still talk to your vet before starting treatment, as your vet may wish to try your dog on another medication such as Rimadyl (carprofen). Advocates of Zeel claim that it is just as effective as Rimadyl when use is continued for 4 or more weeks.

Zeel dosage for dogs

The zeel dosage for dogs can vary but most commonly is administered as one full pill every 12 hours (twice daily in total). Manufacturers claim that it may take up to 4 weeks for effects to become noticeable.

Is zeel safe for dogs?

Zeel, like other homeopathic medicine, is considered extremely safe with no expected side effects.

Safety precautions:

  • Speak to the vet before giving Zeel to your dog
  • In serious cases, consider using another substance such as Rimadyl
  • Notify the vet of any pre-existing medical conditions your dog suffers from

Even though homeopathic medicines are considered by many to be harmless, you should still speak to a vet as he or she may decide that the effects of Zeel will not be strong enough to relieve your pet’s symptoms. If your pet still appears to be in pain after 4 weeks of using Zeel, you should go back to the vet for suggestions on an alternative medicine.

Uses of Zeel for dogs

Zeel is created to tackle:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

This is in contrast to Traumeel, which may confuse some people, as Traumeel only targets muscular pain.

Side effects when giving Zeel to your dog

Side effects of Zeel use in dogs are highly unexpected. If your pet becomes ill during treatment contact a vet to prevent symptoms from progressing.

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