Zymox For Dogs: Information For Correct Use

Learn about the correct use of Zymox for dogs, side effects, safety and dosage information are included.

Zymox is an enzyme-based substance for the treatment of ear infection in dogs. The active ingredients lactoferrin, lysozyme and lactoperoxidase (as well as the inclusion of hydrocortisone) work together to effectively treat both itching and inflammation affecting the ear region. It is also an effective antibacterial solution. Zymox is currently available without prescription, but you should still visit the vet prior to use.

Zymox dosage for dogs

You can buy Zymox in both small (1.25 oz) and large (4 oz) form. To correctly administer Zymox to your pet, you should use the dropper to fill your dog’s ear canal and gently rub the solution into the affected area. Repeat this process once a day. Your pet may flail to remove any excess Zymox, this is fine. Treatment will usually last between 7 and 14 days depending on your pet’s infection. It is recommended that you see the vet for professional information and advice.

Is Zymox safe for dogs?

Zymox is considered very safe, with there being no known side effects associated with its use in dogs.

Safety precautions

  • Do not use alongside any other topical ear treatments such as Otomax, as this may inhibit effects
  • If the condition is not seen to improve, you should take your pet to the vet for a re-evaluation and consider a different treatment plan
  • It is advised that you take your dog to the vet prior to using Zymox
  • Avoid use in pets with punctured ear drums

In many cases, Zymox will be able to effectively treat your pet’s infection, itching and inflammation. However, if it does not relieve your dog’s symptoms you should visit the vet for advice on choosing a different course of action. Other possible treatment for ear infection should Zymox be ineffective includes the use of Otomax, or Mometamax. If treatment remains ineffective, this could signal a larger unseen problem, and as such you should seek a comprehensive veterinary check-up in these cases.

Uses of Zymox for dogs

Zymox is an enzyme-containing medicine which is able to treat

  • Ear infection
  • Ear inflammation
  • Ear itching

Side effects of Zymox use in dogs

There are currently no known side effects of Zymox use in dogs. However, if your pet does suffer an unforeseen reaction, contact the vet.

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