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DogTread PZ1702 Medium Treadmill for Dogs
$760.00 + FREE shipping

A marvellous invention, this is the DogTread medium sized treadmill for dogs! Give your dog the exercise he or she needs (and deserves) regardless of the environment and weather! The DogTread treadmill helps you set up a consistent exercise regimen for your dog, with countless benefits. This treadmill will increase muscle definition and tone, as well as dramatically improve the vitality and life span of your furry friend! This nifty gadget will also curb destructive behavior in dogs associated with excess energy. If you buy just one thing for your dog, make it the DogTread treadmill! Suitable for all dogs up to 60 lbs.

Precision Pet Outback Log Cabin Dog House
$199.99 . $177.20

For owners who are serious about their pets, this is the outback log cabin dog house, suitable for all dogs under 95 pounds. With many benefits over a regular dog house, the off center door provides both shelter from the elements and extra room for turning around. The slanted roof allows rain to run off easily, whilst the raised floor keeps your pet protected from critters in the grass. Easy to assemble. Available in smaller sizes at an even lower cost. Highly recommended!

Midwest Quiet Time Bolster Pet Bed
$14.33 to $69.99 . $9.13 to $44.67

Show your pet just how much you love them with this ultra-comfy deluxe bed. Sizes range from 12″ x 18″ to 54″ x 37″. Avalailable in a variety of beautiful finishes, there’s a perfect color for every home!

Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy (Colors may vary)
$14.99 . $11.02

Is your dog the next Albert Einstein? Give your pooch a workout both physically and mentally with this IQ treat ball. If they figure out the puzzle they will be rewarded with their favorite treat! Comes with adjustable difficulty for genius dogs. We love this one!