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Dose My Pet is the authority on providing you with dosage information for your pets, meaning you can medicate them safely and easily. A wide range of medicines are covered for a variety of household pets to help get them back to full health in no time!

As we know, there’s a lot of hazy information out there on the web, or pure guesswork that could put your pet in danger! As animal lovers we know how much you care about your pet, and as such, we research each drug thoroughly before publishing it. You should read through the relevant page thoroughly before giving your pet medicine. Although the dosage information supplied on this website is the industry standard, it’s still a good idea to make a quick call or visit to the vet before administering medication, as each animal and each case is unique. It is also a good idea to not mix any medicines unless advised to do so by a professional veterinarian. We also provide safety precautions such as listing diseases which may cause adverse reactions during treatment with particular drugs.

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