Otomax For Ear Infections In Dogs

The following information explains the use of Otomax for dogs, including dosage information, side effects and safety recommendations.

Otomax is a medication used to treat otitis in dogs (otitis is a blanket term which covers inflammations and infections of the ear). The medicine is an ointment which can be applied to the ear(s) of your dog via gentle massaging. You should follow directions carefully, and see a vet first for a formal diagnosis on what’s causing the problem.

Otomax dosage for dogs

Simply squeeze a pea sized amount of Otomax onto your fingers and massage gently and thoroughly into your dog’s ears for application of this medicine. Apply once every 12 hours, for 7 days.

Is Otomax safe for dogs?

Yes, Otomax is safe and regularly recommended for use by vets. The product was developed specifically for use in dogs with otitis.

Safety precautions

  • Visit a vet when you suspect an ear infection in your dog for a formal diagnosis
  • Be aware of Otomax ingredients in case of allergy
  • Do not use for more than 7 days
  • Do not use on pregnant dogs
  • Practice caution in geriatric dogs

Otomax is overall very safe, however, it is recommended that you do not use the medication for over 7 days, as doing so could delay the healing process. Also be especially cautious of deafness, which may present itself in particularly sensitive dogs. If your dog loses hearing, you should stop use of the drug and flush the ear canal with a nonotoxic solution and seek immediate veterinary advice to avoid permanent hearing damage. Use is not advised in pregnant dogs due to corticosteroids being linked to several problems in births such as deformities and even miscarriage. Do not use this substance without consulting the vet first.

Uses of Otomax for dogs

Otomax is very commonly used for dogs to treat:

  • Ear infection
  • Inflammation of the ear

Side effects of Otomax use in dogs

In sensitive dogs, loss of hearing is a possibility. Also, because one of the ingredients is a corticosteroid, it’s possible that use of Otomax will result in birth defects. Aside from that, it’s unlikely that your dog will suffer any side effects, and you should seek veterinary advice if he or she does suffer unforeseen sides.

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