Potassium Bromide For Dogs: Reliable Anticonvulsant

Learn about potassium bromide for dogs in this article. The correct dosage, safety guidelines and side effects can be found here.

Potassium bromide is a very common anticonvulsant medication used in dogs. It is often considered to be more popular than phenobarbital, likely due to the fact that there are generally less undesirable side effects when using potassium bromide. Chewable and flavored tablets are available to make it easier when it comes to getting your dog to take the medicine.

Potassium bromide dosage for dogs

Never administer potassium bromide without first seeking professional dosage information and advice from your vet. The usual starting dosage for potassium bromide ranges between 20 – 40 mg/kg once a day, which translates to 13.6 – 18.1 mg/lb. For dogs on a high chloride diet, the starting dosage may be as high as 50 – 80 mg/kg, which works out as 22.7 – 33.6 mg/lb. For dogs who are not already on medications such as phenobarbital, a loading dose may be necessary which your vet will explain to you.

The dosage is likely to be altered depending on your dog’s reaction to the substance. This reaction may depend heavily on your pet’s diet.

Is potassium bromide safe for dogs?

Potassium bromide for dogs is often considered to be one of the safer anticonvulsant medications available, producing fewer side effects in general than phenobarbital (another popular anticonvulsant).

Safety precautions:

  • Never begin potassium bromide treatment without consulting the vet first
  • Disclose all medical conditions which your dog suffers with to your vet
  • Notify the vet of any other medication your dog is taking
  • Splitting the dosage in half and administering twice daily may be necessary for dogs who experience nausea
  • Administer potassium bromide with foods
  • Be aware that this drug may intefere with chloride level tests

Always speak to the vet first before beginning treatment with potassium bromide, and disclose to him/her all medical conditions your pet suffers with, especially pancreatitis. Discontinuing use of this substance too suddenly may result in severe seizures, and so, tapering the dosage off is required. Your vet will be able to provide help.

Uses of potassium bromide for dogs

Potassium bromide is used in dogs to treat:

  • Seizures

Potassium bromide is often used when a dog cannot handle phenobarbital, or when additional help is needed.

Side effects when giving potassium bromide to your dog

Possible side effects you should be aware of includes nausea, increased thirst and urination, fatigue and coughing. Other risks include a condition called “bromism” when bromide levels in the blood become too high. If any severe unforeseen side effects occur contact your vet immediately.

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